6- Opportunity

6) An Opportunity to Practice

An Opportunity to Practice!

"The vanity of teaching often tempteth a man to forget he is a blockhead." -George Savile"A saint is one who makes goodness attractive." -Laurence Houseman. (Luk 14:23)


Below you will find a post.  It is also posted within the fellowship at this link:



Step 1: Read the below post

Step 2: Reply here -as a student-

Step 3: Follow the above link to the same post in the fellowship and reply -as a leader-  In other words, use what you learn from this post as an opportunity to teach others within the fellowship. Hint: "Men must be taught as if you taught them not, And things unknown proposed as things forgot." -Alexander Pope

Step 4: Reflect on the results.  You may discuss them here, but it is not required.  

Here is the post:


Often leaders find that people resist their efforts to teach.  This results in lots of contemplation, self reflection, and attributing reasons for rejection.  In church settings it is tempting to blame the people for not receiving as being caused by lack of spiritual maturity.  However, there is something about this this that is well researched and worthy of consideration:


When people become resistant to learning, leaders should consider:

1) Hindrances due to social factors, or lack thereof; and

2) Personal factors of members that are related to their social positions. 


Therefore, in many cases people resist learning when they perceive the subject matter to be threatening to their belonging to groups that represent their self-identities or concepts (Zittoun & Perret-Clermont, 2009). 


How might having this understanding help ministers to improve their effectiveness in ministry?