9-30-11 Team Project 3

9-30-11 Team Project 3

This message is for participants of the Leadership Hall who have completed all assignments and are waiting for a "team project."


Greetings!  I apologize for the delay.  As you can all see, we are growing by leaps and bounds, which results in the necessity to have your help in the ministry.  On our first team project in the Leadership Hall, we began developing a report on effective Bible study.  The post was titled, "How to have a MEAL in ministry".  That report was developed at this link:



The conclusion of that project resulted in the publication at this link:





1) Please review all of the information at both of these links.


2) Then pick up where they left off by using the instructions from "How to have a meal in ministry."  That is located at this link:



3) Please use this posting as the place for your team work.


Echoing the steps from the MEAL assignment, I say again:


Now it is your turn to act as a team.  Using the method of MEAL (main idea, evidence, appeal, link), consider the topic of the practice of Bible study.  As a team, use the MEAL approach to organize information about Bible study.  Try to work together to produce a big result.  Here are a few ground rules to make sure that everyone has the same expectations:


1)      First and most importantly, remember that this should be challenging, but fun.  This is a project designed to help us learn to work together.  I think the Lord is most pleased when His people enjoy one another in ministry.


2)      Please make note that I may participate in this effort, but I will not be leading it.  No leader has been appointed for this project.  This is a deliberate test of what type of leaders we all are.


3)      Remember that ministry practitioners have a secret weapon against the decoys of demons.  The surprise attack is the belief that “The parts of the body that we think are weaker are the ones we really need” (1Co 12:22).  As we work on this project, be sure to give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to honor His Word with this principal.


4)      Perfection is not important for this project.  In fact a few mistakes are ideal so that we may learn from them.  Try not to stifle creativity with perfectionism.  God may have called for our lives to be morally perfect, but He never said that we could not make human errors.


5)      Lastly, this project will close 10 days after the day it is posted.  The purpose of this deadline is only for sake of giving us a measurement of our efforts against the factors of time.