4) Teams!

4) Teams! As previously defined, we are developing into ministry practitioners.  A ministry practitioner is a person who: Understands that all ministry is a “work in progress”Is devoted to continual learning, practice, and perfecting of ministryHas a systematic approach to applying ministryIs committed to a fellowship of practitioners who work together to perfect ministry   […]


Self Discovery in Church Leadership Ordained Minister’s Online Guide to Pastoring, Personal Development, & Church Leadership Please reflect on these verses, and let them shape your understanding of this self-discovery   God asked, "Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat fruit from the tree I commanded you not to eat from?" (Gen 3:11 […]

6- Opportunity

6) An Opportunity to Practice An Opportunity to Practice! "The vanity of teaching often tempteth a man to forget he is a blockhead." -George Savile"A saint is one who makes goodness attractive." -Laurence Houseman. (Luk 14:23)   Below you will find a post.  It is also posted within the fellowship at this link: http://www.nacministers.org/forum/topics/often-leaders-find-that-pe…   […]