Breaking Fellowship


We Christians are an interesting breed because we all believe we
hear God. What becomes real interesting is when we misinterpret the voices
of our egos as the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This is probably the
single biggest reason for the breaking of fellowship between Brothers
and Sisters in the faith.

Consider this outline:

1) Two Christians meet each other and form a friendship around their faith.

2) One fails to meet the others expectations and then they communicate that disappointment.

3) The other responds with resentment.

4) At this point both begin to question the other one’s competence.

The relationship spirals downward until dissolution.

In such as situation, both individuals believe that they are correct
and that the Holy Spirit has given them insight into the other person’s

But what about themselves? Ahhh…that is the question that goes unconsidered lol.

Assignment Questions:

How have you seen this pattern take place in times past?

How can knowing the above help you to prevent the loss of future friendships/relationahips?