Buying Opinions

Buying Opinions

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Samuel Butler rather cynically observed that "The public buys its opinions as it buys milk, on the principal that it is cheaper to do so than to keep a cow.”  In response to that quote Professor Ronald Munson says “people are undeniably inclined to buy opinions that conform to what they already believe or would like to believe.  An automatic acceptance of claims that fit in comfortably with attitudes already held saves the pain and effort of critical thought” (The Way of Words, 271).


How many times have we been guilty of this?  In all honesty the number is probably too many to recall.  Unfortunately, this biased way of thinking can stand in the way of our progress.  It will cause us to avoid objectivity and to seek only information that already agrees with our previously held ideas and convictions.  Thereby, cutting off the opportunity of new thought patterns, we will only be limited to regurgitating our old ways.  Just as worse is the way it will affect our Bible study and spiritual growth.  We will find ourselves reading scripture only to reach the same conclusions (as though we could have never been wrong in our previous interpretations).  Let our prayer be that God will guide us from the deceptions of this biased way of thinking.


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