Category 1

Category 1

Please note before proceeding, this is Category 1 which consists of those who participated in the project titled, How to Have a Meal in Ministry, are now ready to move on to new areas of service.  By “participation”, we mean those who cooperated with the team to complete the project (by offering encouragement and creative ideas that were accepted by the team).  


Category 1: we are now ready to enter into the practice of leadership in ministry by using the five elements of the ministry practitioner. These are to enjoy the fruit of the Holy Spirit by divine insight through:


Collaboration (fellowship of shared ministry principals);

Personal reflection (inward looking);

Strategy (self-transparency);

Encouraging creativity (speaking only the things that “build” one another;

Continual improvement (seeking to learn from both wanted and unwanted outcomes, so that we may show ourselves approved unto God).


Before reading any further, please take a moment and review this file: Ministry practitioner

At this stage, participants are on board or not.  In other words, by now, participants should still have many questions.  Nonetheless, they have a good idea of what we are trying to achieve, and they are ready to “do.”  Their questions are of the nature to know, “what’s next”, “how can I help”? 


Contrarily, there may be some who have questions, but theirs are not questions regarding how to be helpful, rather, they seek to be “convinced.”  “A person who has doubts is thinking about two different things at the same time and can’t make up his mind about anything.” (Jas 1:8).  We ask that everyone determine where you are in these things.  Anyone still needing “convincing” is not ready to proceed to clusters, and they should settle these things with us privately so that they do not become a stumbling block to others.  We will not announce anyone’s private attempt to settle things for themselves. 


“Can two walk together unless they are agreed?” (Amo 3:3)


Should they feel the necessity to step down, we will honor their choice by bringing no attention to the matter.


It is time to start accomplishing things together, and we are ready to take action so that we may bring glory to our King.


Please Respond to this Posting With the Following Information:


Instructions: please respond by answering the below question 1 (a & b) or question 2, but not both 1 and 2.  Your response will help us as we form our clusters.


Question 1:

a ) The area of “local” ministry that most interests me is….(fill in the blank with an interest in which you are currently involved, or desire to get involved in your city).


b ) The area of “national/global” ministry that I would most like to be involved in equipping   others is….(fill in the blank with an area of interest in which you would like to contribute to the development of ministers here at the NACM).




Question 2:

You find yourself saying, right now I feel that the NACM is my primary interest in ministry.  I am interested in ministering unto ministers.  I would like to explore ways that I could serve here as may main focus.