Church Needs a Website

Why a Church Needs a Website

A church needs a website because it wants to reach as many people as possible

Baby-Boomers and Generation X have become well acquainted with the Internet, and Generation Y does not know life without it.  For this reason, searching the internet has become a primary means by which to find information. Many people are no longer looking for a phone book when in need of a phone number.  Rather, they are simply asking Google and other search engines for their results.  If a person or family is new to the community, and they are looking for a church, it is likely that they will search online for "churches in the area ______ …"  Needless to say, if your church does not have a web address, they will not find it in their search.

A church needs a website because many people now have smart phones

Lets say a person needed to find the church address. They could simply put the church’s name into their phone and immediately have GPS directions to the building.

A church needs a website because it is the easiest way to provide up-to-the-minute information about service times, special events, cancellations, etc.

A church needs a website because it can make sermons from previous services public

This is a great way for people to get a feel for how the pastor preaches before visiting.  If they like the sound of the messages and choose to visit, it is much more likely that they will stick around a while.

A church needs a website because it is the easiest way to communicate the organization’s vision, mission, and goals