Leadership Hall 2.0

Welcome to Leadership Hall 2.0

Greetings and Welcome to Leadership Hall 2.0


We wish first to congratulate you on taking the initiative to better yourself, training, and skills by participating in this program.  Far too many people in the world fail to see their own needs for improvement.  You participation here demonstrates that you are willing to spend time looking inward to find new levels of growth. 

Before we proceed any further, please take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to begin searching your heart, and to use this course as a tool for further your ability to serve in the Kingdom.

“Jesus modeled the heart of a true servant leader by investing most of His ministry time training and equipping the disciples for leadership” –Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager

Philosophy of this program

We are very excited to offer this Leadership Hall 2.0.  We believe that this will be the hidden jewel of the NACM.

Our Reasoning

1. There are more ministers in the marketplace than behind pulpits.  Even the majority of pastors in America are bi-vocational –working another job outside of the church.  This is quite a Biblical approach to ministry for Jesus’ ministry was primarily in public and at the market.  The Apostle Paul also worked a second job as a tentmaker.

2. Irrespective of one’s specific call to ministry, every minister needs to be able to communicate with, and lead people in an effective way –otherwise their efforts are fruitless.


We believe that by offering this training we can develop believers into more effective people; thereby, positioning them for success in whatever that they do for Christ.

Here are our fundamental outcomes:

1) To equip participants with the necessary skills to be effective leaders for the cause of Christ in areas of:

a. Biblical and secular leadership theory -compared and contrasted

b. Written and oral communication

c. Persuasion -as opposed to manipulation or cohesion

d. Behavior modification

Here are our hopeful outcomes:

2)  To develop a sense of personally connected community among all participants that results in special friendships which are dedicated to the success of one another.

Example: a willingness to support one another emotionally (a listening ear), spiritually (encouragement and prayer), and professionally (a personal reference or letter for employment, etc.).

3)  To develop leadership to serve the Lord in the NACM within this program as well as other areas.

Note: The NACM is growing rapidly and is needing leaders to serve with the type of training that will be learned herein.  This program will qualify participants to serve in the NACM on the highest levels.

Who developed this program?

At this point two people contributed to the launching of this program:  Michael Mooney & Dominick Tuzzo.  We do not make a big thing of this at the NACM, but we would like to humbly mention their backgrounds so that you may know that you are in good hands.

Michael Mooney is the president of our organization.  His education qualifies him to teach Leadership and Management on the university level.  Michael has an MBA with an emphasis on Leadership Theory, and is finishing his PhD in Organizational Psychology. He also has a degree in Religion, with backgrounds in both retail business and church planting.

Dominick Tuzzo is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology & Marine Engineering, a Master of Communications Technology, a Master of Theology in Pastoral Theology, and is completing his Doctorate in Pastoral Leadership.  He has also completed the NACM Leadership Development Program, and is a regular contributor to the NACM Center for Research, LDP, Leadership Hall, and our discussion forums.


"At the beginning of any task, more than anything else, your attitude will affect its successful outcome". -Jeffrey Gitomer

Many assignments have quotes about the subject from varying authors, philosophers, educators, etc. The quotes should be considered almost as seriously as the subject content itself. To get full benefit of this course, they should not be merely read then ignored. These quotes were carefully selected to encourage deep thinking about the subject.

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and with no reproach, and it shall be given to him. (Jas 1:5)


This course of study is designed to challenge you at your core.  Do not fear, we are not looking for intellectual genius from anyone; however, we are looking to see that through understanding our participants are changed into leaders.

Surprise, the program is incomplete. LOL  This is because it is meant to be this way.  The program will never be complete.  We will always continue to add assignments and make modifications to meet the needs of our participants.  The good news is that participants can complete the program.  If an assignment is added to an area that has already been completed, participants will not be required to return to that area -however, they may if they wish.

Here is the very least you need to know:

1) All participants must upload a picture of themselves.  This is a personal environment and pictures make interaction much more personal.

2) All participants take this opportunity seriously and submit to the assignments by giving them careful  and reflected thought.

3) All assignments must be submitted using capitol letters at the beginning of sentences and punctuation at the end of sentences.

Example: This is a good sentence.  this sentence is unacceptable

We do not expect people to be great writers or well versed in grammar, but people learn to capitalize sentences and to use pronunciation in the 1st grade.  An leader will not be taken seriously if they ignore such basics. 

4)  Occasionally you will find an assignment that begins with the words: This post is under development…  You may skip such posts.

5) Participants must progress through the course on a weekly/by-weekly basis.  For the sake of intimacy we only allow a small number of people to participate at a time.  This means that others are on a waiting list to get in.  Do not feel guilty about this; however, for this reason participants who do not make the progress of at least 8 assignments a month will be dismissed from the program until another time (and their progress will be lost). 

6) Please feel free to complete up to ONE LESSON PER 24 HOUR PERIOD, unless otherwise stated.  NACM Leadership will be guiding and directing the program, providing feedback, and will be adding or modifying lessons from time-to-time.


By all means, please do feel free to interact with your fellow participants by asking for clarification or giving

a word of encouragment.


7) No participant should discuss sensitive information that is shared in the LH with anyone outside the program (with the exception of a spouse).  Examples of sensitive information: interpersonal transparency, research projects being conducted within the NACM, etc.

8) Participants should remember to have fun here.  This is a light-hearted environment.  Please be open to humor in your posts and feedback 🙂

At the end of the program each participant will contribute to the course by researching and writing their own leadership assignment for submission to be completed by others who come after them.

Please post below saying, "I have read this and agree".

This policy is subject to modification as needs arise.