Types of conflict

1. Interpersonal conflict – occurs between workers because of differences in their goals or values.

2. Intragroup conflict – arises within the group because the members disagree.

3. Intergroup conflict – occurs between groups.

4. Interorganizational conflict – occurs across different organizations.

Sources of conflict

1. Different goals and time horizons – workers differ on these important points.

2. Overlapping authority – two or more managers both claim authority for the same activities.

3. Task interdependencies – interdependent workers or teams have the potential for conflict.

4. Different evaluation or reward systems – production managers are evaluated for lowering costs, while marketing managers are evaluated for increasing sales.

5. Scarce resources – financial resources are in demand by all departments and promotions are not given to every manager.

6. Status inconsistencies – workers have different statuses in the organization’s pecking order and this can create conflict.


In your own words, please tell what are the sources for conflict. Be sure to reference the above information.

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