Permissions and Copyright


Permissions of Use and Copyright 

We grant the following permissions of our content:

All educational and spiritual content provided publicly by the National Association of Christian Ministers may be duplicated (only) as printed copies under the following conditions:

  • 1) Copies are used for the purpose of educating the Body of Christ in a manner that supports and agrees with the content provided by the National Association of Christian Ministers.    
  • 2) Proper reference is given to the source as being the National Association of Christian Ministers, and or the author of the written work. 

Example reference:

NACM, 2015. The Ministry Practitioner. Publication of the National Association of Christian Ministers. 

Template for reference:

NACM, Year. Title of the Web Page or Document. Publication of the National Association of Christian Ministers.

Additionally, you are free to link to us in order to share our content.  However, we ask that no one copy and paste this content anywhere else online.  This is for both your and our benefit.  Pasting content results in confusion with search engines and may bring negative attention to the sites duplicating the content. Google has gone so far as to completely remove some websites from their indexes for copying from other sites.

Under these conditions you need no special permissions from us.  We hope you are blessed by our efforts and we wish that fellow believers will continue to be blessed also.

All other rights reserved.