Making some revisions to our policy. Your input is requested.

I would like to bring up a conversation here among rising leaders.  Because of recent events with a previous leader we will be making some revisions to our policy here for leaders.  These revisions will be regarding the protocol for handling the dismissal or stepping down of future leaders within our fellowship -when such situations occur. 


I deeply treasure your replies and input to this conversation  Also, I would like to make two things very clear:


1) This is not a conversation about recent events, a particular person, etc. and we will not discuss them.  This is a conversation rooted in observations that I have made through my education and personal experiences regarding human behavior within organizations.  The purpose herein is to determine the best practices possible to deal with similar disruptions in the future that will inevitably happen.  It is not "if" they happen, but "when" they do, for this is a normal aspect of being a leader.


2) This conversation is not the formation of a policy.  It is a discussion about human behavior.  Please keep this in mind as you offer your much desired replies.  I mention this so that we stay on topic. Conversations like these easily lead down rabbit trails.


Speaking in general from my experience over the years as a minister and a manager, I have made the following observations. 




In any organization, church, etc. there are leaders.  Where there are leaders there are people.  Where there are people there are different opinions.  Such follows that there will be disagreements to the such that sometimes people will step down from their positions. 




When this happens, it would seem bitter and unprofessional for an organization to make a huge announcement to everyone telling everyone why the previous leader disagreed and steeped down.


To the contrary, my experience (in many past situations over the years) is that when people are shown this courtesy, often they do not return it.  Rather, they begin to think they have been wronged and that they deserve some sort of justice.


This usually results in their loss of better judgment, and they begin to think that they are justified to talk privately with other members to "expose the truth." 


This of course is a gross misuses of their previous leadership authority, as well as their membership.  It is a misuse of authority because they have been extended by the organization the opportunity to "save face."  This means that many members have no idea there there was ever a disagreement at all.  How sad, for the outcome is never good, and the demons smile black toothed grins.


In your opinions:


1) What is the best way to prepare "future leaders" to not act this way if they decide to step down from their positions?


2) What is the best way to notify the fellowship when such happens?