Treasure in Ministry

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“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”(Mat 6:21 MKJV).


Often people look at this passage to determine where their heart "is" by examining their treasures. In other words, many would use this verse to say, “If your treasure is in wealth your heart will be in wealth, and if it is in God so will your heat. While this is true, this perspective is still somewhat limited to finding where our heart is in a “reactive” way.


This verse can also be “proactive”. In this passage Jesus teaches us something very insightful. He tells us that we can choose where our heart is by choosing our treasures. There are lots of things that we should treasure: our spouses, families, church, the Bible etc. If we will start treating these people and things in a way that is “valuable”, we will begin to discover their value!


Men, if we start opening the door for your wives and treating them like a princess, we will begin to believe that they are.


So what is valuable to you? What could you do to increase its value? The sky is the limit!



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