⚡️ What’s in our heads?

What’s in our heads?

Reflection from Matthew 22:37
Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder


The message of Matthew 22:37 is so simple that that a child can receive it. Yet it is so deep that the mind is consumed by its consideration. It is the most important understanding of Christianity, and THE greatest expectation God has placed upon humanity.

Those Who Do

Those who embrace its message discover the secret chambers of God’s incomprehensible majesty; lavishly poured over them by the affection of his guidance, understanding, mercy, grace and perfect love.

  • Jesus answered him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Mat 22:37).

Those Who Do Not

Those who do not embrace these words of Jesus live their temporal lives without guidance. They wander along dimly lit roads which never arrive at places of purpose, value, or satisfaction. Rather their destinations are dead ends, surrounded by disillusionment, embitterment, and loss. Rather than the God of peace and comfort, these places consume their thoughts, direct their hearts, and keep their souls from ever knowing Him.

What shall we do with the words of this single sentence from Jesus (Matt. 22:37)? One thing is obvious, Jesus leaves no room for a half-hearted response…